Visited My Friends In Georgia Recently For The Weekend

My friends recently moved out of town and moved to Georgia. They wanted to move to a bigger city and my friend’s husband found a really great job there. Before moving there and starting a new job, they bought a house. They had told me how nice it was and everything it had in it. It sounded like a really nice place. They asked me if I wanted to come in for a weekend and stay with them. They said there was so much to do in the area and they really wanted to show me around. I agreed it sounded like a great time, but I needed to check to see if I could get the time off of work.

I went to work that evening to see if I had any time saved up to take. Since I did have the extra time, I put in for the following weekend off. I couldn’t wait to have a break from work and get to visit my friends and see their new home. I had heard so much about it and was excited for them.

Since their home in Georgia was only a few hours from my house, I drove there. I put their address in the GPS in my car and was able to find their home easily. I was amazed by it when I pulled up. It was beautiful and everything my friend had said it was. She greeted me upon arriving and showed me around her house. Her husband was still at work but she said he would be coming home shortly and then they wanted to take me out to eat. I was hungry from the drive and thought that sounded great.

The first night there they took me to their new favorite restaurant. It was really nice and I loved the food there. After that we went out to a local bar that they like to go to and I got to meet some of their new friends. I had a great time spending the weekend with my friends. I love their home and they seem to be really happy where they are at. They said the jobs are plenty there and that I should think about moving, but I am going to stay where I am for now. I don’t want to move to a bigger city.